Out of the gloom with a spring

After the cold, dark and grey days of winter comes all the promise of spring, flowers in bloom, lighter and brighter days and of course, warmth. But March can be so much more than the signal that spring is starting; it can, and should be the time to start a spring clean of your mental health…

 A report in the Archives of General Psychiatry suggests there is a biological link between the seasons and our energy levels, not to mention our overall moods. With spring comes an increased level of serotonin, which makes us less lethargic, and more optimistic. I know myself that I feel far more motivated and ready to attack the day in the spring and summer months. But serotonin isn’t the only thing that helps us get a spring in our step…

 Our own Avy Joseph suggests that spring is the ideal time for self-reflection, helping to deal with your past and to focus on the future. It seems many of us get stuck in a feeling of unhappiness, especially through the winter months. Avy explains “You have to challenge those feelings by working out what is holding you back (such as feeling a failure after a divorce) and then accepting it without judging yourself. Understand that whatever happened is an event fixed in time and that life, like the seasons, moves on. Accept yourself as a valuable person who has imperfections.”

 Dealing with the bad things that have gone before and addressing them helps cleanse our minds, ready for whatever the spring and summer months have in store for us, a new start if you will. But, how do we deal with the bad things that have gone before? Avy suggests “Life reflection is good, do this every day; setting aside a small amount of your day to ask yourself “Am I going where I want to go?” Don’t forget to relax and unwind, and then think of ways to be positive, to appreciate the world around you and your own worth.”

 Essentially spring is the perfect time of the year to cleanse our minds, carry out a good bit of mental spring cleaning, then take advantage of those added levels of serotonin and start a-fresh, with longer, warmer and brighter days ahead.

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