Its good to hear that hypnosis is being considered for trials within the NHS.  Hypnosis has long been recognized in many different countries around the world as an effect way of managing and effecting the experience of pain.  Since the mid 1930’s, in what was then the Soviet Union, hypnosis for pain control was widely employed and from the 1950’s it was officially sanctioned by the Soviet government to be used in Labour and Childbirth.

Ernest Hilgard, a professor at Stanford University and a leading authority on Hypnosis and pain control in labour and childbirth back in the 1960’s  his research illustrated the effectiveness of relaxation, breathing methods and education in this area.

Hypnosis is a greatly researched area in psychology, the Royal Society of Medicine has its own section devoted to Hypnosis and Psychosomatic medicine. Yet there still remains so many myths and misconceptions around hypnosis much due to the fact that the entertainment business has popularized a particular form of its use with famous hypnotists. Similarly stories about childbirth run through generations of families with horror story after horror story.

Hypnobirthing uses deep relaxation, which we can all learn how to achieve with a little practice and a few lessons. There is scientific evidence to show that anxiety and stress affect how we experience pain or discomfort and relaxation inhibits both anxiety and pain perception.  The Hypnobirthing techniques  are usually taught to the expectant mother and their birth partner enabling both parties to feel enabled through having knowledge of the facts and understanding that childbirth is nothing to fear, rather to be embraced with the birthing process being viewed as your child beginning his or her  journey into the world.

You maybe interested in learning more about hypobirthing and how to be a hypnotherapist, if so, you may find it interesting that our foundation course teaches relaxation and hypnosis skills. The diploma course teaches healthy thinking  elements, that apply to any situation, which is a component part of the hypnobirthing protocol. You can find out more on our courses at http://www.ccbh.org.uk/

by Maggie Chapman

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