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We have been blogging for a while now so we thought it was high time that we let you know a little more about our college. In this blog post, we explain what makes CCBH different to other colleges that teach hypnotherapy.  We also wanted to let you know about some changes we are making to the courses to provide a better experience for students. So read on and enjoy!…

The only college to specialise in CBH

The only college to specialise in CBH

The College of Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CCBH) is the only college that specialises in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH), making it a truly unique place to study in. At CCBH, the core to all our courses is CBH and then we utilise other different therapies to enhance this teaching.

CCBH was established by Avy Joseph, Anthony Lappin and Maggie Chapman (more information on the founders here ), to train adults and therapies in the theory, practice, ethics and therapeutic applications of CBH. CCBH promotes specifically CBH as a valid contemporary treatment, one that can be utilised alongside other skills or as a therapeutic clinical profession in its own right.

As a specialist college, the college also looks to help students get out there in the wider world and start using their new skills to help people, whether they end up working for the NHS, or decide to set up their own practises, or do something different altogether.

How do courses work?

The college is constantly looking at ways to improve its courses, and feedback from past and present students helps ensure our courses become even better. For example, starting this September, our diploma courses have 2 full “hands on” practise days in therapeutic and cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy added to them.  We are also launching a Graduate Scheme,  to start in August, which allows newly qualified graduates to offer therapy to the public at a discounted price, all supervised. Students get clinic space and clinical supervision. (More details to follow later). CCBH believes this level of support helps graduates move beyond being students, helping them gain real world experience in helping people.

CCBH understands the difficulty of adult learning, which is why we take into consideration external commitments, that may influence the ability to study and learn effectively. Courses are offered on a part-time basis and classroom attendance is at weekends (one weekend per month). That means you can continue to work or look after children while you study. For more information on how CCBH courses work, please follow this link to the colleges website


The best way to apply is to request a prospectus and an application form. To request a prospectus, contact a member of the college on 0207 7034 7049 or follow this link to an online Prospectus request form:

We are based in London, in Baker street, so it is a pretty handy location for hypnotherapy training in London.

Finally, we would always recommend that you look to apply early as our courses are very popular, please note we have a maximum of just thirty people per course.

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