Coldplay try hypnosis for latest album

Hypnosis can be used for a lot of things: dealing with anxiety, helping improve your sports performance, and maybe even to record your upcoming album? Well, apparently so….



Coldplay tried some hypnosis music sessions

Trying something new

For Coldplay’s upcoming album, “Mylo Xyloto”, producer Brian Eno, suggested to the band that they should try something new and record parts of the album while under hypnosis.  The band  apparently isn’t afraid of trying different things, and so embraced the idea, recording a number of sessions while within a hypnotic trance.


Impact on the music?

The big question is,  did it have an impact on their music? The answer, the band feels, is a no. But we wonder did any of those hypnotic sessions make it into the final cut of the album?

The fact the band didn’t feel it made a difference isn’t necessarily a surprise.  Hypnosis can be used for a number of scenarios and help with many things, however simply being put into a hypnotic state isn’t enough. There has to be a goal, be that increasing concentration, enhancing sensory awareness, controlling anxiety or anger for example, and to reach that goal a number of techniques are applied while within that hypnotic state.

A little fun 

So what do we think? It seems that this wasn’t really a serious look at how hypnosis help performance for musicians as we can’t tell exactly what techniques were applied, but it is an interesting piece looking at a band that is willing to try something new, and see if it has an impact…Who knows, maybe it did…

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