60 Seconds with Avy Joseph

Avy Joseph, CCBT Co-founder and Course Director

60 Seconds with Avy Joseph

60 Seconds with Avy Joseph

What inspired you to become a therapist?
A desire to understand why we feel as we do and how we can change that, plus a genuine interest in people and a desire to help.
When did you first hear about REBT?
When I did my first course in counselling skills over two decades ago.  I saw a video called ‘Gloria’ about a patient who went to see different counsellors who each specialised in a different counselling model.  Ellis was one of them and I remember thinking ‘now that’s interesting’

Ellis or Beck and why?
Both are great thinkers.  For me it is Ellis most of the time.  He put forward a philosophical as well as scientific theory that resonated with me immediately.  It’s very persuasive.  It makes sense and clients understand it.  You can work with symptoms as well as learning a philosophy of healthy thinking.  It is empowering and freeing when you apply it.  It doesn’t shy away from facing the worst case scenario but it helps you deal with it in a balanced and healthy way.

Favourite Ellis (or other) quote?
I want what I want, but I don’t absolutely need it.

What element of the CBH philosophy most resonates with you?
That we create our problems by the way we continue to think and behave.  It’s not the past that causes the problem but whatever unhealthy beliefs we are maintaining and living by today.  I also enjoy the humour in it, it’s one of the most effective ways to help us to see the irrationality of our demands!
What inspires you?
Lots of things.  Seeing people achieve their goals through hard work and persistence, ideas, music, friends, students, clients, seeing something truly beautiful like the Grand Canyon. I could go on and on.  So much in life and on Earth to draw inspiration from.

If you weren’t a therapist, what would you be?
I’d be a Doctor.

How do you unwind at the end of the day?
Cooking, eating too much, watching rubbish TV.  Heaven.

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