Look out for new book ‘Confidence and Success with CBT’

Look out for a New Book from the founders of the college, Avy Joseph and Maggie Chapman, which will be out in the Autumn 2013.


Small steps to achieve your big goals with cognitive behaviour therapy


Confidence gives you the power to be able to fully focus on your goals without being anxious. This means you do not dwell on potential negative consequences but remain focused on the task at hand. You are not anxious about failure or the disapproval of others, and nor are you disturbed when you fail. Developing confidence and success involves identifying what you want and setting about achieving it while overcoming the obstacles as and when they occur. The authors have identified six key steps to help you realise your goal, whatever it may be. They are:

  •  Step 1: Identify what you want
  •  Step 2: Gather information
  •  Step 3: Set achievable goals
  •  Step 4: Create a plan
  •  Step 5: Take action
  •  Step 6: Keep focus on the goal with feedback.

This book looks at the steps involved in achieving your goal and the unhealthy beliefs that may sabotage each step and how to overcome them. Small steps to achieve your bigger goals. You can pre-order your copy or just take a look on Amazon

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