New book from the Founders of the College!

How time does fly! It seems like only yesterday, we were telling you the good news about the new book ‘Visual CBT’ being finished, written by Avy Joseph and Maggie Chapman, founders and directors of the College of Cognitive Behavioural Therapies. It is now currently available from Amazon


They know how tedious it can be ploughing through a lot of text, so have designed the book to help you apply Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to change your life, in a very visual way, using imagery and illustrations. This visual approach makes the CBT very clear and easy to follow.


The book commences with an introduction to CBT then progresses to a section on how to use the book. It has been designed to be used in a number of different ways. You may wish to use it for personal development, studies or to support your therapeutic work. It is invaluable for therapists, those in training, or those who want to use the information as a self help guide, to make sense of emotions and help their well-being.


You will learn how to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy emotional responses, as the chapters take you through eight unhealthy negative emotions and their healthy versions.


Each of the chapters is conveniently set out with an introduction to the title emotion with a checklist of triggers. Here you will also find illustrations to help you identify the emotion. You will be able to understand your own emotional state and whether it is healthy or unhealthy.


The book has been well received with this review encapsulating the ethos of the book.

“A refreshingly clear guide to understanding emotions. The illustrations make the explanations resonate as they bring humour and perspective to what is usually confusing.” Christa MacKinnon- Author and Director of Kamdaris Psychological Consultancy


Do take a look at it and let us know what you think on our Twitter or Facebook page!

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