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Based in London, CCBT is an organisation that specialises in professional counselling, psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy training. With our high quality, innovative courses you can further enhance your therapeutic skills and gain CPD credits or embark on a training path to become an accredited Counsellor or Cognitive Behavioural Counsellor.

We are the only college in the UK which offers an accredited training programme based on the highly effective framework of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), one of the main schools of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). CBT is widely recognised by both NICE and the NHS as one of the most effective forms of psychotherapy and recommends it as the treatment of choice for anxiety disorders and depression.

Grounded in the framework and process of REBT, our training teaches a therapy model that can be used to successfully treat a wide range of emotional, behavioural and symptomatic problems. It offers clients a structure and universal philosophy that allows effective and long lasting emotional and behavioural change.

Our step by step professional programme consists of a Diploma (6 training weekends, 1 weekend per month) and three Advanced Diplomas (8 training weekends, 1 weekend per month). Our courses offer you the opportunity to become an accredited counsellor with the National Counselling Society as well as other accrediting bodies.  The Advanced Diplomas include our Advanced Diploma in CBT/REBT,  Advanced Diploma in Integrative CBT/REBT I  and Advanced Diploma in Integrative CBT/REBT II.  They enable you to increase your skills, earn further CPD credits and/ or become a counsellor, offering a wide range of therapeutic services to clients.

If you are interested in our courses but have no formal counselling or therapy training we offer Counselling Skills and Ethics courses; either Attendance Based or by Blended Learning to suit your personal circumstances, in preparation for entry to our Diploma in CBT/REBT.  The Blended Learning course can commence at any time, all you have to do is make your payment and the course materials will be sent to you.

Accreditation by the recognised professional bodies is available on completion of each module of our courses after the Counselling Skills and Ethics course. Whether you want to enhance your existing skills set and earn CPD or a complete career change, our courses will teach you a scientifically proven universal CBT model that can be used to successfully treat many psychological and emotional issues.

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