Diploma in CBT/REBT

The Diploma in CBT/REBT counselling is the foundation for all our courses. It provides the structure, therapeutic framework and CBT skills necessary to progress to towards an accredited therapist/counsellor status.

Our Diploma in CBT/REBT is held over a 6 months period and is taught by our team of highly experienced international lecturers. Using an exciting combination of lectures, demonstrations and group work.  Personal tutorials can also be arranged. The course provides over 150 hours of practical work through weekend training, role plays, group work, study groups and other course work. Our training in CBT is based on the model of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) one of the main schools of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. It is a philosophical, evidence based form of CBT developed by Albert Ellis. CBT is recommended by both NICE and the NHS.

Unlike some forms of CBT, which require practitioners to have a wide knowledge of specialist protocols, REBT looks at the whole person rather than as a symptom and teaches a model that can be successfully applied to a wide range of different emotional issues. It offers a therapeutic structure which helps the client to achieve long lasting emotional and behavioural change, a universal model they can continue to apply to all areas of their lives which they may find challenging.

On our Diploma course, you will learn in detail:

  • The origins and structure of CBT and in particular, REBT
  • How unhealthy beliefs can impact on emotions and behaviours
  • How to change unhelpful emotions and behaviours using the ABC process
  • A universal protocol that can be applied to a wide range of emotional issues
  • How to teach clients a structure they can integrate into their everyday lives enabling them to make long lasting and fundamental changes

Minimum Entry Requirements for application to the Diploma in CBT/REBT

To apply for a place on the Diploma in CBT/REBT, evidence of formal training in basic counselling skills and ethical training are required.  If you do not have these skills, you can either complete our Counselling Skills and Ethics Attendance Based Learning or our Counselling Skills and Ethics Blended Learning.  Alternatively, you can complete an attendance based basic counselling skills course with another training organisation to meet our minimum requirements for application onto the Diploma in CBT/REBT.

It’s our responsibility as counsellors to ensure we protect our clients who may be medically vulnerable as well as ourselves.  Therefore, CCBT recommends all students and lecturers to be fully vaccinated for covid-19.

Diploma Course at a glance

  • Course Length 6 months held over 6 weekends – 1 per month (84 classroom hours)
  • Central London location
  • Over 200 learning hours of practical work
  • Tutor support throughout
  • CPD credits
  • Easy payments terms available
  • Award on completion CCBT Diploma in CBT/REBT
  • At the discretion of CCBT, route to the Advanced Diploma in CBT/REBT

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