Sian Banard: “I was impressed with the clarity of the teaching and how I could put the things I was learning immediately into practice with my clients. I was encouraged by all the tutors to have self belief in my own abilities and even if I hadn’t learned the wealth of knowledge that the course gives I can easily say I have developed more in this last year as a therapist and a human being than I ever thought possible. The course was definitely challenging but thoroughly enjoyable. The content and delivery were well structured and the tutors came with tonnes of experience and some amazing anecdotes that added depth and colour. One of the best things I have decided to do.”

Bob Craig “This is the most supportive and insightful course ever”

Drew Calder “The most professionally organised, delivered and supportive course I’ve ever done”

Angela Mckrill “The REBT philosophy is clear and elegant, a fantastic foundation for treatment. Loved it. The course met my expectations above and beyond. I have already found it incredibly helpful personally and have found it has had a positive impact on my practice.”

Georgina Hadrill “The Course was extremely inspirational and well thought out. It has changed the way I approach aspects of my daily life

H A Bowden “Excellent course, really enjoyed the experience, many thanks to the lecturer. I would recommend this to others , I’ve enjoyed every minute of the course and very much value the dedication, knowledge and generosity of all the tutors”

Drew Calder: The course more than met my expectations. It was bold, it was life changing and that has not been an exaggeration – now I want to help change others’ lives. I also enjoyed the supportive unconditional acceptance of lecturers and colleagues

Elaine Kimber: The knowledge and journey of self exploration, learning about others’ problems and how they are addressed with CBH was of particular interest. I will practise as hypnotherapist and use the knowledge to benefit clients.

Weight Management Workshop

– Beverley Harper.

Satya Ogilvy “The presenter was very good. She had a clear delivery and increased my interest in the topic. I will continue to use CBH and mindfulness and awareness techniques in my personal life.”

Eleni Xenophontos “I liked the clear intro and good outline of the aims and objectives of the course. I liked the realism and practical aspects to the course, e.g don’t underestimate the smaller things such as walking to the bus stop. I thought the seminar was well researched, did not linger too long on the scientific facts, but reminded us of what was most important and this structure allowed us to focus more on of the CBT element of the course. The presenter had a lovely tone and manner and I really appreciated that people who wanted to discuss individual clients were invited to discuss with the presenter during the break, fabulous lady! The knowledge I gained will help me kick start my own weight loss programme as it helped me identify some areas that I need to think about.”

Sandra Zecevic “I found combining the use of CBT and hypnosis particularly interesting. The seminar was informative and absorbing, as the presenter was very articulate and detailed.”

Tanya Caffrey “The seminar was interesting and thought provoking, and the presenter was very friendly and approachable. She seemed like a very real and down to earth person. The knowledge that I gained about mindfulness and awareness of sugar and wheat especially interested me and will carry this information into my personal life.”

Roz Kruger “The CBT content was particularly interesting and I really enjoyed the demonstration. The presenter was very good and approachable, I will use what I have learned both in my professional and personal life.”

Kris Jones “I thought the planning of the seminar was interesting as was the approach of CBT and the awareness of different types of hunger and styles of eating. The content will assist people I encounter as psychiatric nurse and the hypnotherapy will help to understand their needs/desires to eat.”

Tony Cunmisky “The seminar was very interesting and the presenter was fabulous. The content will enable me to work more effectively with CBT in my professional life.”

Improving Your Sleep Workshop

– Maggie Chapman

Louise Carroll “I found the autogenic techniques and appositions of opposites particularly interesting. The content was very thorough, thought provoking, informative, interesting and the presenter was excellent. I will use what I have learned to help clients that suffer from insomnia and anxiety and on myself when I have trouble sleeping.”

Luke Shaw “The presenter was wonderful and the seminar had a good mix of practical elements and theory, generally a very informative seminar. I particularly found talking about and understanding ANS very interesting. Tools learned such as the autogenic scripts will be great for me to use for whole range of clients”

Relaxation and Meditation Workshop

– Maggie Chapman

Jane Willey “I found the content all to be fascinating, especially the importance of breathing and posture/centre of gravity, the words of Marcus Aurelies still resonate. The presenter was excellent, well informed, approachable and fun.”

Satya Ogilvy “The seminar brought me awareness to a variety of different techniques, with the content being very informative. The presenter was excellent and covered a variety of aspects and methods of relaxation and meditation. I will use the autogenic techniques learned and continue to mediate as these will prove useful in add relaxation.”

Annajane Glynn-Sheppard “The seminar was excellent. Learning more about breathing was very interesting and positive. Maggie the presenter was excellent, her voice could melt concrete.”

Solving Self Esteem Problems

– Avy Joseph

Peter Newell “The excellent content and integrative nature of the seminar makes it much better than using a self help book, as the presenter was very knowledgeble and articulate.”

Lesley Rosslyn “The seminar was very good and clearly explained everything. The experimental workshop today allowed me to experience all the words I had read and start to apply them and have left me confident that it will help me change my inappropriate beliefs and attain more peace and happiness in my life.”

Aditya Kashikar “I found most interesting the points on goals and thoughts and how they are dependant and based on our beliefs and thoughts. The presenter was brilliant, especially on hypnotic therapy. I will use affirmations on a regular basis and make sure I practice and confront my negative feelings”

Kevin Findlay “The seminar taught me how to grow and develop and what I learnt will assist in helping me to change as a person.”

Elena Thompson “The seminar was all very interesting and new to me. I learnt how to accept myself as a fallible human being. The presenter was fantastic, very clear and knowledgeble. I feel I have gained some ability to be more confident when speaking in public and I be less sensitive to getting negative judgement.”

Overcoming Procrastination With CBT Workshop

– Avy Joseph

Caroline Ferguson “The seminar gave me the opportunity to practice and apply the methodology to my own issues. The presenter was approachable and in command of the subject which I found to be very informative and thought provoking. The seminar will help me in the future to set smart goals and introduce changes in my beliefs and behaviours”

Gianna De Salvo “The seminar promoted successfully to me the creation of a more healthy belief system, furthermore to create and realise my goals. The presenter was excellent made good use of examples and the seminar was well structured and understandable.”

Nia Foye “The presenter was very approachable, knowledgable, creating a well structured seminar and it was funny and enjoyable.”

Jane Harlow “I will use what the seminar taught me to improve my home life and work place and manage to balance the two better and stop procrastinating. The seminar was taught clearly and was very easy to understand.”

Kerrie Ballantyne “I like how the information in the seminar is useful to a wide variety of my clients and me personally. The present was interesting, funny and communicated the information very effectively”

Elaine Kimber “I found the underlying beliefs; irrational, unhealthy thoughts attached to procrastination particularly interested and the presenter passionately spoke on these issues and communicated them in a very thorough way.”

Treating Panic Disorder With CBT Workshop

– Avy Joseph

Nigel Donegan “A fantastic, informative session, which helped me to understand the problem much more. It was well structured and room for question was provided at all stages which was excellent.”

Nancy Hakim “The seminar had a good balance between psychological theories and hypnotherapy, the presenter had a very good knowledge of the material and was energetic and in control.”

Satya Ogilvy “The seminar and presenter was excellent and very comprehensive and will definitely use what I have learnt with my own clients”

Caroline Outterside “The seminar had a lot of content all of which was well explained and support by the information in the binder. The presenter was interesting and very engaging, I didn’t daydream once! I will use the CBT knowledge with a whole range of clients and personally I will also use this to reflect more on my own cognitive behaviour. A great day”

Maureen Betteridge “The seminar was a real ‘eye opener’ and I am now eager to find out more. The content was extremely enlightening for me as I am someone who is new to CBT hypnotherapy, and the presenter was extremely approachable and made it all very understandable. A very enjoyable seminar. Thank you.”

Mariella Stewart “The seminar was interesting to me as it delved more into the panic disorder itself rather than looking at anxieties and the cycle of fear. The presenter was charismatic and approachable, and the information I learned from this seminar have given me strategies for dealing with obstacles in my life. ’

Self Esteem Workshop 

Annajane Sheppard: “The whole area of self esteem is of great interest. The content of the seminar was excellent, very enlightening and thought provoking. The presenter was excellent, a real mentor. Loved it.”

Abbey Malone: “The seminar was very well structured and relevant whether you’re participating for personal or professional reasons. The presenter was excellent, very personable – understanding and experienced in this field. The particular concepts and how to apply them was of particular interest.”

Lucy Hanstson: “The self acceptance concept, negative self talk and how to change to were of particular interest. The seminar was very interesting and fully packed with content. The presenter was excellent, very fluid and knowledgeable. I will use the knowledge I gained on a day to day basis – moving forward. Very nice venue too.”

Iain Mahony: “The presenter was excellent, clear, commanding and a strong presence. Very well designed seminar. Heavy content but well structured and delivered. I will use the knowledge to start treating my self better. That it’s OK to be nice to yourself and that you can do simple things that will help the process.”

Barry Darnell: “The schema pictures, the principles of self esteem, affirmations and self talk – very interesting. The presenter was very experienced and knowledgeable. Great presenter. I will use this knowledge straight away in my personal life. I will also bring some aspects of it to my professional work.”

Diploma Students 

Luke Shaw: “The course overall is excellent. It provides high level of challenge throughout, which is not overwhelming. Any chance to practice skills was always of complete benefit, though working on case studies in the final three weekends was also highly enjoyable. It is difficult to quantify the gain other than to say it has enhanced my understanding of myself beyond anything that I could imagine as well as giving me confidence and perception in my professional life. The benefits and opportunities that are available are genuinely life changing.”

Eleni Xenophontos“Excellent. All the tutors without exception were brilliant and demonstrated they know and understand the material. I enjoyed all the course – especially the rapport built by the staff. A big thank to all for such a brilliant course. Loved it.”

Tony Abbey“Really fantastic. Enjoyable as well as professional and thorough. It covers REBT fully and opens up the other techniques that can be used in the framework. It was a very good group. I thought we worked well and the practicals were very productive. Personally it has caused a profound philosophical change. I was expecting to do CBT then go on to find or work out a philosophical therapy; good to find this was REBT (which is philosophical) and Hypnosis too. So I have started professionally. Recommend it strongly to anyone with an interest.”

Lea Clark: “Excellent course and lively experience. Safe and risk taking – good balance. Also very fun. You learn a lot about the topic and yourself in a relatively short time. Good group dynamics and atmosphere; open to learning. Well planned and organised study material. I gained confidence and I’m ready now to take on clients and use the old and new learning.”

Rachael Robson: “An excellent experience, fantastic for personal development and potential career change. I enjoyed the teaching, humour, opportunity for personal change and development and philosophy for life. I have gained an enormous amount on a personal level – tackling long term problems with anxiety. I have gained confidence to be more myself with others. I have been inspired and excited by the possibility that I could be doing this for a living. Thank you to all who have taught me and supported me. I can see tangible change in myself and it has been a very rewarding experience for me all round.”

Emma Hutt: “Excellent. I have gained self insight and a proper framework to use when working as a hypnotherapist and a renewed faith in learning abilities. I would definitely recommend this course, especially for those wanting to go on to MSc or just for gaining insight. I enjoyed the small group, different lecturers but not too many different ones – also the weekend set up and consistency of approach.”

Jeremy Todd: “The overall experience has helped me see a clearer vision of how to become the person I want to be. I enjoyed the constant support and realistic targets for personal development. Professionally I have gained a greater sense of plausibility and confidence when dealing with clients. My colleagues have seen the development in me, which has been significant. Personally I have gained calmness and security around dealing with any challenging personal circumstances.”

Foundation Course

Hue Tran“…it has exceeded my expectations. I didn’t realise that I’d gain so much self insight and therefore develop personal growth as a result of that.”

Jacqueline McLoughlin: “I truly loved the course, it has helped me so much, in so many ways.”

B. Dartnell: “Fantastic, challenging personal experience.”

Andrew Fawcett-Wolf: “Thank you very much. Looking forward very much to the diploma in October!”

Daniel Grima: “Actually, I have enjoyed the course even more than I expected. I found the course very interesting throughout. The lecturers and tutors were excellent and constantly kept my interest. I really enjoyed the CBT theory and also the practise breakout, group work on counselling and case history taking. Thank you for a very informative yet fun six months.”

Jill Wiseman: “It was all fascinating. The course exceeded my expectations – I didn’t think I would be conducting a therapy session by the end of weekend 6. I enjoyed the practical/experiential side. It challenged me as I loathe feeling out of my comfort zone but as a result of doing them I personally feel quite proud. I am already using what I have learned with my staff, family and friends and therefore encouraging a more open and honest dialogue. The presentation was very good. The notes were excellent. Great course. Thank you all so much.

Diploma Course

Jana Stanton: “I have thoroughly enjoyed the diploma course. The lecturers were always well prepared and their friendly approach created very pleasant atmosphere during each weekend.
I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to broaden their therapeutic horizons and learn very useful CBT techniques for their personal and/or professional goals.”

Elizabeth Machnicki: “Through my Diploma course journey I have observed many changes in my assumptions, attitudes and of course my knowledge. My skills as a Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist have been greatly enhanced by combining the REBT approach. I have taken so much from this course from both professional and personal perspective and it is very statisfying to use such changes to inspire clients to reach their goals in a rational, pragmatic and helpful way.”

Moya Layton: “A brilliant course. A challenging subject presented in an inspiring and accessible format. The standard of the teaching and the ongoing support is second to none and has allowed me to move forward to undertaking a Masters degree in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.”

Christopher Hanning: “The training has allowed me to slowly develop my new career as a therapist. I’m presently able to work part-time, earning a second income but have started getting enough referrals to add extra working days to my week. I know it’s not going to be easy and will take a lot of work and self motivation but I believe that in the next six months I’ll have a full time working practice.”

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