Time to make that change? The benefits of retraining as a CBT therapist

It’s that time of year, as calendars get replaced and our thoughts turn to the year ahead. What will it bring, and where will we be at the end of it?

With so much uncertainty about these days, plus the global situations perhaps leading us to take stock and reassess what’s important, now could be the perfect time to take control and make a positive change.

Whilst there are lots of things you could do (get a tattoo, go trekking in South America), there’s one thing we here at CCBT could definitely help you with: starting a new career or retraining as a fully accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapy practitioner. Here at CCBT, our once-a-month weekend courses can take you from complete novice to fully qualified in just a few years, gaining academic and practical experience along the way.

A CCBT graduate’s experience

We spoke to one of our recent graduates, Nick Jones, to hear about his experiences.

“I came to the College as one of those people with zero counselling or therapy experience. My background was in the arts and digital communications. Whilst my comms roles were interesting and enjoyable, like a lot of people I felt there was something more outside of the purely commercial world where I could make a difference.

“After speaking to Avy Joseph from CCBT, I enrolled on the Counselling Skills & Ethics course (for absolute beginners), then quickly moved on to complete the Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Integrative CBT / REBT (REBT, or Rational Emotional Behavioural Therapy is the type of CBT taught at the College).

“Although it was a lot to learn, the tutors were excellent, as was the overall support given both by the College and my fellow students. I was lucky enough to get my placement in the counselling service at the University where I was already working. This not only gave me the experience needed to progress, but just as importantly, it helped me feel like I was making a wider, and perhaps more important contribution to both my place of work and the students that went there.

Personal and professional benefits

“I can see both personal and professional benefits from this change in career direction for me. Personally, learning about and practicing REBT has helped me with my own emotional literacy and helped me better understand, manage and change the issues in my life that trouble me from time to time, just like in everyone’s.

“Professionally, I now have a completely new skillset, and am able to apply this in my place of work and with private clients. This not only provides a little extra income from time to time, but also gives me greater job security and confidence about my future. And perhaps most of all, I’m able to work with people who need a bit of help and guidance, hopefully improving their lives and allowing me to know that in some small way, I’m making a positive difference.”

If you think it’s time for a change and would like to experience and make a difference, please get in touch with us here and we’ll be happy to help.

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