Video Clips

Presenting Issue: Presentation Anxiety

This video is an example of a first and second session and is a case study of someone experiencing performance anxiety. In this example, the problem is very specific.  The aim of the video clips is to provide you with an example of structuring the first session and how to continue with the assessment and carry on to the next session.

This is just one way of approaching the first and second session and it is specific to the presenting problem. If, however, the client was experiencing Depression or presented with more than one problem then it is important to bear in mind that it is more than likely that it would take longer than two sessions to get relevant information. For example, it may take two sessions just to gather the information covered in Session 1 in the video clip.   It may also take up to four or five session to cover the topics in Session 1 and Session 2 in the video clips.

Please note, some of the work undertaken in Session 2 will be covered on weekend three and four of the Diploma in CBT/REBT so please practice only the topics covered in your training weekends.

Session 1


Data collection

Medical history taking


Agenda setting ( identify problems, general goal setting, explanation of CBT and the therapeutic process, roles and responsibilities, housekeeping, therapeutic expectations)

Problem Identification (Exploring the problems, Identifying the target problem)

General Goal setting

Explaining the Ellis ABC model of Emotional Disturbance

Roles and responsibilities

Homework and bringing the session to an end

Session 2 Section 1 – Identifying the ABC Chain

Setting an Agenda

Feedback and Recap

Checking the problem target is still the same

Checking the goal is still the same

Assessing the emotion at C – Anxiety

Session 2 Section 2 – Identifying the ABC Chain

Assessing the emotion at C – Frustration (healthy negative emotion)

Recap and identifying the specific unhealthy negative emotion to target

Identifying the A – Activating Event

Identifying the Critical A

Identifying the B1

Psycho-education on Beliefs (Demands, Awfulising, LFT, Self/Other Damning)

Assessing for derivative beliefs

Clarifying the ABCDE process and future sessions

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