The Recovery Letters

This is a website set up by James Withy following his own experiences with depression which included hospitalisation. On the website he states:

“Before depression I was an avid reader of novels, I used to get through 2-3 a month and reading gave me balance and escapism, then suddenly I could hardly read a sentence. This coupled with the fact that no one told me that I could recover from depression made my illness unbearable. What I wanted was to see that people had come through what I was experiencing and had gone on to live their life. I found huge tombstone-like books about depression that were far too large for me to read. I wanted to read something personal about recovery from depression and so the idea was born.”

The site includes many letters all written by people in various stages of recovery from depression.

You can hear an interview with James from ‘All in the Mind’ on Radio 4

Recommended Apps for client use

Mindfulness Daily by inward Inc is an excellent app that supports Daily mindfulness practise. It gives you quick effective practices to do daily and it is well reviewed as apps go.

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